We are 

an offshore printing company located in South Korea and China providing end-to-end printing services to global clients.


Award-winning printing quality

With 30 years of experience in overseas printing, 
we offer exceptional quality and customization
you can trust.


Direct relationship with the manufacturer

There's no middle man involved to increase the cost for you.
Experience real-time status report
from your project manager 


1:1 Printing Management

One designated project manager ensures
you have undivided attention from the first contract
to the final delivery of your printing project. 


24/7 Customer Service

We are reachable 24/7, 365 days. 
Our team works around the clock
to provide unmatchable customer service


Main Contacts

Minsoo Chung, Head Director
Minsoochung@asia-chinaprinting.com | +82 10 6363 2656 | Skype mschung06

Autumn Jung, General Manager
Autumnjung@asia-chinaprinting.com | +82 10 3778 2656 | Skype autumnjung

I am very pleased with the work you produce and will be sure to continue to spread your companies name amongst all my piers
— Stephen Silver | Lead character designer for Kim Possible and Danny Phantom