Vaporizer Packaging Box


Squat, an acclaimed creative agency in NYC, chose us as their manufacturing partner for the inhalation device packaging. An inhalation device is booming in popularity across the world. Sparq is ahead of the curve by creating the nicotine-free, all natural vaporizer; the packaging was a key component to communicate these unique features with consumers. 


"One of a Kind" Packaging

Squat NYC came up with a unique design idea, environment-friendly yet eye-catching that will capture consumer attention. The packaging is sealed into a standard box form. When a consumer opens the box by tearing off the perforated seal strip, the product is beautifully showcased in the inner case. 

natural inhaler packaging

 Complex Product Requirements

There were many elements implemented to maximize aesthetic appeal and usability of packaging :  

- Tear-off seal strip   - Magnetic tape inside the inner case                - Spot UV + PMS colors  - Triangle box pieces

The packaging had been seamlessly designed by our client. It was our job to ensure that our client's innovative ideas come to life. 




This was 100% custom product packaging that we needed to start from scratch. Due to its unique features and requirements, several mock ups were produced and tested and some design modifications were made to manufacture packaging boxes as perfectly as possible.