PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

The Olympics is a global event which showcases the nation's prowess in technology and industry to the world. We are deeply honored and  proud to be involved in such an important event! Olympic Broadcasting Services, ESPN, and the Embassy of Switzerland in Korea reached out to us to support their business needs. 



OBS is mainly responsible for providing images and sounds of the Olympic Games as a service to all broadcast organizations. They chose us  as a reliable vendor who can support their printing needs for the 2018 Pyeonchang Olympic games. We provided a wide range of printed products before and during the games: internal policy booklets, accreditation, meal vouchers, business cards, foam boards, PVC restaurant access cards just to name a few. 


The Embassy of Switzerland in Korea chose us to decorate their hospitality center "House of Switzerland" at the Yong Pyeong resort in PyeongChang. Our team of skilled technicians installed a truck full of printed vinyl sheets on an extremely freezing day (below 20 Celsius!) It took us two full days to finish the house. It was only possible thanks to our years of experience and adequate tools prepared in advance. 

printing company in korea


ESPN, a US-based sports television channel, contacted us to support their urgent printing request. The podium decoration decal they brought from USA didn't work so they needed a new podium decal in 24 hours. We attentively communicated with the manager at the ESPN headquarter to resolve this issue and delivered the product safely to her ESPN colleague staying in Pyeongchang by the due date.